Latavia Young is a Liberty City, Miami-born, Peterborough, England-raised, Bed-stuy, Brooklyn-based filmmaker and writer who’s independent work explores, experiments with, and defines the convergence of Blackness, queerness, love, poverty, coming of age, and cultural aesthetics. Moving beyond representation, Latavia focuses on storytelling that centers queer and BIPOC individuals.
Latavia’s creative leadership journey began at age 5 when she began producing living room shows with her friends for her mother. Her love for visual storytelling was fostered while running a one-woman video production program in high school and cemented after leading the Arizona State Film Association as Creative Director then President throughout her college career. In 2017, Latavia founded the annual Herberger Day, giving students of all majors access to the arts at ASU. In 2018, she was one of five students nominated for Undergraduate Student Leader of the Year and received the Producer of the Year award.
In 2019 Latavia showcased “The (Dis)United States” at Oaxaca Film Festival in Oaxaca, Mexico and “Playing with Fire” at Aesthetica Film Festival in York, England. In 2020, Latavia managed production for “Fast Life” by R&B artist Ayelle as well as podcasts for former President Bill Clinton, Amazon Studios, and AppleTV+. In 2021 she was an Executive Development finalist for Lena Waithe’s Inaugural Hillman Grad Mentorship Program and produced music videos for alternative bands Breakup Shoes and Summer Salt. 
Latavia has recently completed post-production for her two BRIC supported documentaries "The Burden of Context" which explores the living legacy of slavery, segregation, and gentrification in Miami and it's impact on her family narrative and "My Fierce Aunt Bianca" which honors the life and legacy of of Bianca "Exotica" Maldonaldo, the trans starlette on the cover of Blood Orange's 2011 Coastal Grooves album. She is also in post-production for Natalie Jasmine Harris’ short film, “Grace” which Black queer girlhood by centering a preteen exploring her queerness against the backdrop of southern Black life in the 60's. She is creating a television series centered around navigating queer life  post-breakup as well as an animated series set on an American military base in the Europe and centered around the elevated stakes of the mundanities of Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS) life.
A storyteller and community builder at heart, Latavia has a love for the socio-communal and change making power of storytelling and the potential that film, television, and social media has to make a lasting impact on individuals. She has a passion for connecting people to and through story and prioritizes leveraging the multitude of ways that audiences can connect to and interact with stories.
Latavia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Production, a minor in Digital Culture and Social Media Analytics, and a Master’s Degree in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management. She currently works in film and television development at Jax Media and has previously held placements at RadicalMedia, AT WILL MEDIA, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
At any given moment, Latavia is writing, doodling, taking photographs, making videos, ideating, styling outfits, interior designing or any means of creation. When she's not generating ideas, she can be found at Somewhere Good guiding a yoga session, sharing her love of literature, film, and television with others or somewhere on Tompkins Avenue buying up all of the vintage and books. She has a pipe dream of founding a non-profit that focuses on bringing storytelling resources to inner cities starting with her hometown Liberty City and developing her own stationary line.
She will continue to dream big.
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